MV Switchgears


  • Using the arc-lead plenums & side cover for arc ventilation
  • Optimized flap position for arc release
  • Metal clad type: each compartment is divided by metal partitions for the highest degree of protection rating out of air insulated switchgears.
  • Short-circuit, short-time current and internal arc tests passed at IEEE C37.20.7
  • Mechanical interlock to prevent from inadvertent operation
  • Mechanisms enabling the breaker to be drawn in or out without opening the door
  • Solid, lightweight structure with hinge and locker
  • IP Cover on the face of the breaker and inspection window on the door
  • Metal shutter and shutter padlock installed in CB compartment for safe maintenance
  • Uses reliable tube & boots for busbar insulation
  • Insulation cap and padlock uses earthing switch to secure insulation
  • CT equipped with protective insulation wall

Efficiency & Cost-savings

  • Installation area 43%, for 1-High UL MCSG Typical(W36/" D82/") ➔ LSIS(W23.6/" D72/")
  • Installation area 38%, for 2-High UL MCSG Typical(W36/" D105/") ➔ LSIS(W23.6/" D99/")


  • Module assembly structure
  • Interchangeable VCB & PT compartments

4.76kV Metalclad Switchgears upto 2000A 31.5kA

15 kV Metalclad Switchgears upto 2000A 31.5kA

38 kV Metalclad Switchgears upto 2000A 31.5kA


  • Office Buildings
  • Stores & Warehouses
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Critical Power (Data Center)
  • Transforming Substations